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About Us


ThriVinci is an organization of professionals committed to empowering communities through skills-based service; by sharing knowledge and talents, ThriVinci volunteers enable community agencies, who are advancing charitable causes and defending or preventing distress to vulnerable populations, to adhere to organizational development best practices and data-driven solutions. 


While maximizing the reach of humanitarian efforts by providing all nonprofit organizations access to organizational effectiveness consultants, ThriVinci envisions a community where service and civic engagement are embedded in a professional’s daily routine to enhance meaning from work. 

areas of EXPERTISE
  • Job Design & Tactical Staffing

  • Engaging Employees

  • Strategic Planning

  • Job Assessments and Evaluation

  • Database Design & Management

  • Ecosystem Mapping

  • Business Analytics & Reporting

  • Developing Talent 

  • Enhancing workplace relations

  • Group Facilitation 

  • Organization Modeling & Restructuring

  • Social Media Strategy Development

  • Board Matching & Training

Organizational Consulting for Nonprofits
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