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About Us


ThriVinci is an organization of professional volunteers committed to empowering communities through shared knowledge and support for the advancement of nonprofit organizations.


ThriVinci aims to maximize the reach of humanitarian efforts by providing all nonprofit organizations access to organizational effectiveness consultants.

What We Do

We help nonprofits help themselves through organizational effectiveness. Organizational effectiveness is the concept of how successful an organization is in achieving the outcomes the organization intends to produce. It concerns several key areas including, but not limited to, (a) talent management, (b) leadership development, and (c) organizational design and structure. ThriVinci helps organizations employ efficient processes, tools and technologies to enhance current business operations and bolster sustainability and positive transformation.


In 2015, ThriVinci Consulting Group (ThriVinci) was founded to provide affordable organizational development services to the thousands of nonprofit organizations who may need strategic solutions to advance their valuable missions. With a robust background in organizational development, business operations and analytics, ThriVinci volunteers help nonprofit organizations improve engagement, increase performance and reduce turnover. By increasing organizational effectiveness, ThriVinci can help nonprofit organizations expand their reach and positive impact in the community. 

In addition to strengthening community organizations, ThriVinci also promotes volunteerism. ThriVinci identifies motivated skilled-professionals willing to provide valued services to nonprofit organizations and matches them to a project that will further develop their talents. Volunteers not only advance their professional skills, but they are able to find meaningfulness in their work when they volunteer with ThriVinci.​

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