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Consulting Staff
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Mitch Cunningham

Experienced in  database management, Mitch has reported solutions to several Fortune 250 companies in the Omaha-area. In doing so, Mitch has perfected his skills as a business intelligence guru. After receiving his MBA from Creighton University, he now works as a Business Analyst for Werner. In his spare time, you can find Mitch conquering multiple community projects and expanding charitable impact.

Director of Operations
Victoria Graeve-Cunningham
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Victoria is an Organizational Consultant who is passionate about making Omaha a great place to live, work and play. After receiving her MBA and MS from Creighton University, she returned to the University of Nebraska to pursue her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Victoria currently volunteers with various community organizations to return the blessings granted to her when she was in need.

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Change Management Consultant
Yesenia Madera
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Experienced in organizational change management Yesenia has her certification as a Change Practitioner from Prosci as well as 5+ years in training & development and human resources.

Organizational Consultant
Roxanne Dockter
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Roxanne has an MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University. As well as pursing an MS in Information Systems Management. She has 9+ years in leadership, training & development, and HR functions.

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Recruitment & Project Consultant
Justin Reese
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Justin holds a BS in Biology with a concentration in Spanish from UNO, and spends his working hours at Boys Town National Research Hospital in the Medical Laboratory, he also supports & volunteers for Mother's Against Drunk Driving.

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Client Engagement Manager
Kristi Martin
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An Omaha-native, Kristi has decades of experience in the nonprofit industry. Formerly the president of a local nonprofit, Kristi has since founded her own. With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Kristi has worked tirelessly to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

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Business Development Consultant
Mike Schommer
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Mike is an experienced professional with a track record of success leading retail banking markets throughout the Midwest. Excels in cultivating talent, building partnerships, and strong business development methods to produce results. He possesses education from Doane University and UNL.

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Software & Development Consultant
Biagio Arobba
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Biagio holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, from the SD School of Mines & Technology. He encourages individuals to find an extra activity such as volunteering that would be a fulfilling and enriching way to spend their time.

Skills-based Volunteer Consultants
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HR & Strategy Consultant
Kristi Cash

Kristi has demonstrated success in project management, process redesign, metrics-driven decisions, and incorporating technology for improved accuracy, cost savings and efficiency.

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Elli is passionate about engaging people across different cultures and advocating for victimized and marginalized groups. 

Strategic Planning Consultant
Elli Grapp
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