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Volunteer Rates & ThriVinci

Volunteers are a crucial part of any community. They provide the backbone for countless nonprofits, governments, businesses and charitable organizations with their donated time and effort. However, the volunteer rate is the lowest it has been since tracking started in 2002, according to Bureau of Labor statistics published in 2013.

As of 2015, Nebraska is ranked sixth in the United States for volunteerism, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). With approximately 13,000 Nebraska nonprofits, nearly 34 percent of Nebraskans are committed to volunteering. Nevertheless, the rate has decreased by 10 percent from 2004 and continues to decline. As the rate shrinks, it is even more important to consider volunteers within organizations since they not only work hard, but they also work for free.

Luckily, ThriVinci was created to be an asset to all nonprofits alike. As an organization comprised of professional volunteers, ThriVinci is committed to empowering communities by sharing knowledge and supporting the advancement of nonprofit organizations.

It can be difficult to identify all the elements necessary for a successful nonprofit - that's where ThriVinci comes into play. The mission is to maximize the reach of humanitarian efforts by providing all nonprofits access to organizational effectiveness consulting through dedicated, skill-based volunteers. By capitalizing on specific intrinsic motivations to volunteer that are often overlooked, ThriVinci increases volunteerism and civic engagement in the community.

"Since inception in late 2015, we have been able to help over 15 nonprofit organizations," says ThriVinci Executive Director Victoria Graeve-Cunningham. "ThriVinci helps organizations employ efficient processes, tools and technologies to enhance current business operations and bolster sustainability and positive transformation."

Since launching, ThriVinci has recruited and trained 12 volunteer consultants and board members, who have donated more than 800 hours and nearly $50,000 worth of business services to nonprofit organizations across the country.

Not only does ThriVinci support nonprofits, we also encourage and promote volunteerism.

"ThriVinci identifies motivated and skilled professionals willing to provide valued services to nonprofit organizations and matches them to a project that will further develop their talents," says Graeve-Cunningham. "Volunteers not only advance their professional skills, but they are able to find meaningfulness in their work when they volunteer with ThriVinci."

ThriVinci is determined to extend the reach of nonprofits everywhere by employing strategic data-driven business solutions, all while empowering the community.

"The name ThriVinci was selected because it encompasses 'thrive,'" says Graeve-Cunningham. "We want to help nonprofits thrive, while at the same time providing homage to DaVinci, who embodies intellect and science to advanced society."

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