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Valued Volunteers - Roxanne Dockter

Roxanne was born and raised in the Omaha metro wide area predominantly of Elkhorn and Bennington. Roxanne received her first associates degree in 2010 focusing in Criminal Justice, later in 2016 she achieved her bachelors degree in psychology. Additionally,recently she received her masters degree in industrial organizational psychology in 2018.

During her academic career, Roxanne not only worked full time but also dove into volunteering. In 2015, Roxanne met ThriVinci’s director of operations Victoria at the University of Nebraska Omaha while interviewing for a data analyst role with UNO’s Volunteer Program Assessment on campus (VPA-UNO). As an analyst with VPA-UNO, Roxanne was able to hone her consulting and data analytical skills obtained from her psychology degree, as well as learn and network with local nonprofits through her client work. Among other volunteer opportunities, Roxanne lead and facilitated a VPA-UNO sponsored Lunch and Learn volunteer event at UNO. During this event Roxanne provided leadership and facilitation for drop in students in preparing personal hygiene goody bags for the Sienna Francis House. Currently Roxanne has found a passion for donating platelets with the American Red Cross, nurtured by one of her professors while taking Anatomy and Physiology.

Roxanne is an avid volunteer and animal lover, among her other volunteer interests she has been an avid feline enrichment volunteer at the Nebraska Humane Society and also provided enrichment activities for UNO’s Marmoset Primate lab on campus.

Roxanne joined ThriVinci in 2018 as a skills-based volunteer providing strategic oversight facilitation with our client Native Omaha Foundation. Following her project, Roxanne later joined the board of directors here at ThriVinci starting as the fund development director, and now our Vice President! Roxanne lifts ThriVinci through being one of our organizations backbone and logistics coordinator on ThriVinci events, meetings, project management, and of course our social media content!

Recently on February 15th, Roxanne sat and achieved her passing score for the Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) exam. The SHRM-CP is an exam consisting of 160 behavioral competency questions. Described by the Society of Human Resource Management (2020) as, “A product of rigorous research involving thousands of HR professionals organizes eight behavioral competencies into three clusters: Leadership (Leadership & Navigation, Ethical Practice), Interpersonal (Relationship Management, Communication, Global & Cultural Effectiveness), and Business (Business Acumen, Consultation, Critical Evaluation). Additionally there are 15 HR knowledge areas that are critical to the success of any HR professional.”

Given four hours to complete this rigorous exam, Roxanne has displayed impeccable dedication and knowledge as an HR professional in Omaha’s community. We are thrilled and thankful to have Roxanne be part of our team here at ThriVinci!

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