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Celebrate Volunteerism for #DoGoodWeek2021

We help nonprofit organizations increase their effectiveness so they can maximize the reach of their humanitarian efforts.


Mark your calendars for SHARE Omaha’s

DoGood Week, April 19-21.

DoGood Week has five days, each dedicated to helping nonprofits meet our needs. Here are the days you'll hear from the ThriVinci Team.


April 19: Mission Monday - Learn about our mission and how we invest our resources in the community.

April 20: New Donor Tuesday - This Tuesday the ThriVinci team will be creating care packages for the Stephen Center.

April 21: Wish List Wednesday - ThriVinci will be creating a community vision board by highlighting nonprofit "big picture" organizational needs to those who have completed our short survey.

April 22: Volun-Thursday - ThriVinci team will be reaching out to local nonprofits to introduce our organization and offer our services in maximizing your organizational reach.

April 23: Fund-it Friday - Support your community through a monetary donation to your favorite cause. Donate to ThriVinci Here

April 24: Celebration Saturday - Learn and celebrate local and ThriVinci volunteers in the community.

Learn more about #DoGoodWeek2021 by visiting ShareOmaha


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