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A Novel Volunteer Opportunity

A large part of ThriVinci's mission is to promote volunteerism that will help strengthen and maintain the skills of professionals. As a ThriVinci volunteer you have the opportunity to work on projects you are passionate while simultaneously building or further developing your professional skill set. Whether you are looking to gain experience or utilize your career knowledge ThriVinci is the perfect place for you to get involved with the community and serve non-profit organizations that need your professional skills.

I have always been passionate about volunteering. As a child, I remember my mother pulling me around in a wagon at the UNO women's walk (now Claussen- Lehey 5K, 10K/ Maverick Run). As a teenager, and in my college years, I attended mission trips, volunteered at nursing homes, and picked up trash at parks, raised money for Alzheimer' awareness, and the list goes on. As an adult, I have been blessed with opportunities to combine my passion for volunteerism with the skills and knowledge I have obtained from earning my Master's in Public Health Administration to serve various organizations. In addition to being part of Thrivinci, I also sit on the Board of directors for a Charitable Foundation, and I am a member of the Junior League of Omaha. Immersing myself in servitude for various organizations in the community has blessed me valuable experiences I will never forget.

If you want to be a part of something special, help your community and build on your professional skills; then go to our "Let's Talk" page. Here you can fill out our volunteer interest form! We would love to talk with you about your passions, volunteer interests and how you can help your community.


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