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Reflecting on 2016

TVCG 2016 Accomplishments

As we have completed our 2017 Strategic Plan, we had the chance to reflect on 2016 goals and accomplishments.

During 2016, Board Members and Volunteer Consultants worked towards the following goals: (a) providing free and reduced services to nonprofit organizations in need, (b) ensuring financial sustainability, (c) developing a presence in the Omaha metro area, and (d) fostering an organization rooted in operational effectiveness.

A few of TVCG’s 2016 successes include:

  • Recruited 12 volunteers who donated over 750 hours of services to the community

  • Donated in-kind services valued over $45,250 to five nonprofit organizations

  • Over 65 nonprofit employees received specialized training hosted by TVCG

  • Partnered with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands to help nonprofit organizations within Nebraska

ThriVinci Consulting Group is so lucky to have a great team of Board Members and Volunteer Consultants. We are so excited for the upcoming work to be done in 2017. And look forward to work with people that share the same goal of empowering our community.


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